The (Very) Unofficial Guide to the Academic Job Market

The academic job market started to loom over my head (as it does for most of us) from the moment I started graduate school, but I had a hard time getting a complete picture of the steps I would need to take to get a job—the overall process, the documents I would need, the questions I should be prepared to answer, the toll the process would take on me, etc. After asking endless questions of everyone I knew and gathering all the materials and advice that I could, I decided to compile everything I learned into a single place so that no one coming behind me would need to reinvent the wheel. That document is posted below, in whole and in its various parts. If you, like me, want to know everything all at once, I would recommend downloading the whole document. If thinking about the entire job market at once makes you want to break out in hives (..also kind of like me), you might consider checking out whichever piece is most relevant to you right now. Best of luck, and may the gods of academia and a kindly Reviewer 2 be with you!

The Complete Job Market Guide (click here)

  • Part 1: General Information and Advice (click here)

  • Part 2: Application Materials (click here)

  • Part 3: Phone and Video Interviews (click here)

  • Part 4: Flyout Interviews (click here)

  • Part 5: Practice Interview Questions (click here)

The Duck of Minerva Post (click here)